What Can I Do?

Be Part of A Virtual Protest and Call your MP

Add your selfie and voice to a virtual protest against the Government's lack of decisive action.

Call your Federal and State MP to demand they:

  • abandon the disastrous go-slow approach to a global pandemic
  • move into #LockdownNow across Australia

Things are bad and will only get worse: by moving fast now we can #CrushTheCurve instead of simply 'flattening' it.

Challenge the Lockdown Fear

In the midst of a national crisis it's our leaders who are spreading fear.

Fear about how long a lockdown will take... as a justification for not doing it.

We constantly hear that a lockdown will take 6-18 months (or until we develop a vaccine) but some leading voices outside Australia have a much more optimistic view.

You can challenge the pessimistic domestic voices holding Australia back from acting fast by questioning, challenging and discussing the lockdown impact within your own networks, and with your Federal and State MPs.

If we move fast now we minimise both the health and economic impacts to all of Australia.

Notice any errors or have any suggested improvements? Get in touch at lets@crushthecurve.today.

We're an open volunteer group of concerned citizens directly and indirectly impacted by the current policy position of the Federal Government.

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