Challenge the Fear of a 6-month Lockdown

Challenge the Fear of a 6-month Lockdown

In the midst of a national crisis it's our leaders who are spreading fear.

Fear about how long a lockdown will take... as a justification for not doing it.

We constantly hear that a lockdown will take 6-18 months (or until we develop a vaccine) but some leading voices outside Australia have a much more optimistic view.

Within Australia we are also starting to hear from strong expert voices arguing for a short, sharp lockdown, such as Raina MacIntyre. See Coronavirus expert advisory panel member calls on Federal Government to lock Australia down.

You can challenge the pessimistic domestic voices holding Australia back from acting fast by questioning, challenging and discussing the lockdown impact within your own networks, and with your Federal and State MPs.

If we move fast now we minimise both the health and economic impacts to all of Australia.

It's time to #LockdownNow to #CrushTheCurve:

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