Professor Brendan Crabb Calls For Stronger National Action On Coronavirus

Professor Brendan Crabb Calls For Stronger National Action On Coronavirus

In a recent ABC radio interview, Burnet Institute Director and CEO Professor Brendan Crabb called for the Federal Government to implement the most extreme containment measures possible:

I think the ever-increasing, the ever-escalating containment measures are not the solution, not the best solution. It's a solution and a credible one.
The better solution is to go to the most extreme measures you can use for containment nationally, with the exception of essential services, for a short period of time.
What we need to do is stop community transmission getting to high levels before we have the tools to know where all those infections are, and at the moment we don't have the tools - we will have them in a matter of weeks to a much better degree to what we have now. We've got to buy ourselves that time.

His position reflects those of many experts in Australia, such as Dr Raina MacIntyre, who recently revealed the majority view of the 'Group of Eight' universities advising the Government was for an immediate lockdown.

Globally, respected voices like Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft, have called for similar national action in the US to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak:

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