Leading Australian Voices Demanding Greater Action

Leading Australian Voices Demanding Greater Action

We're seeing many prominent Australians beginning to break ranks with the Australian Government's 'go slower' approach to this global health crisis, demanding an immediate change to policy.

It should give you hope that Australia's strategy will change soon.

An increasing number of high-profile Australians are speaking up about our national approach and pleading for a change of strategy. A change of strategy that is finding favour with many dissenting experts in the field.

As we hear more stories from the US and UK, expect their number to grow.

Even if their pleas fall on deaf ears in Canberra it is looking increasingly likely that, in the absence of strong national leadership,  state leaders will take decisive action instead.

Leading Australians Demanding A Change Of Strategy

Keep an eye on this post. We're adding to it regularly as more Australians announce their support for more decisive action on the health crisis facing this nation.

Dr Raina MacIntyre

As the ABC reports, Dr MacIntyre is a "key member of an expert panel advising the Government's response to COVID-19".

As part of UNSW's Biosecurity Program, she's a highly qualified expert who urged the Federal Government to undertake "an immediate but short lockdown to curb cases".

She also revealed a majority of experts on the panel urged the Government to do this - an approach the Federal Government decided not to take.

Dr Brendan Crabb

Dr Crabb is a leading infectious disease researcher, and recently argued for "the strongest possible containment measures...for a period of two-to-six weeks".

His opinions were recently covered in 'This is war': Professor says immediate lockdown will stop the spread of virus.

Professor Brett Sutton

Professor Sutton is Victoria's Chief Health Officer, and reportedly strongly supports a lockdown.

Dr Norman Swann

Dr Swann is a prominent media voice who has long been calling for a severe shutdown.

More to be added soon.

Global Voices

While we work to list more Australian voices to this post, here are a few prominent global voices who've also been strongly arguing the case for lockdowns.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft, was recently on CNN arguing that a national lockdown is the only way to deal with Coronavirus.

Yaneer Bar-Yam

A prominent and early global voice on the pandemic response, he's been extremely vocal in arguing about the practicality of a lockdown approach.

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