Why Australia Must Crush The Curve

Why Australia Must Crush The Curve

Let's #CrushTheCurve: demand Australia #LockdownNow to protect all Australians.

Leading pandemic experts are urging nations around the world to act decisively in instituting extreme, short-term lockdowns to quickly extinguish Coronavirus.

Taking half-measures to 'bend' or 'flatten' the curve is not enough - we must #CrushTheCurve.

Other countries, like Taiwan and Singapore, acted decisively and have to date avoided the outbreaks we're experience, and the UK has recognised the error of a 'go slow' approach and instituted a national lockdown in the last few hours.

Australia is increasingly an outlier.

Our national dialogue is still dominated by an unchallenged assertion that a 6 month lockdown is required to deal with the immediate pandemic situation.

Meanwhile compelling arguments have been made that this timeframe can potentially be much shorter (1-2 months).

Australia is one of the best-placed nations geographically to undertake an immediate national lockdown.

The situation is urgent.While confusion reins around Federal and State Government positions we must keep the pressure on our political leaders to do the right thing and act decisively to protect ALL Australians.

It's time to #LockdownNow:

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